Carpoint Snow Chains KNS-120 9mm

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The Carpoint KNS flexible snow chain is suitable for (light) passenger cars. With its 9mm hardened steel grip links and the cross track of the chain you are ensured of optimum grip in the most challenging winter conditions... Lees meer
  • Flexible snow chain with 9 mm hardened chain links in cross track, also suitable for cars with little space in the wheel arch
  • Equipped with semi-automatic auto-lock tensioner with plastic housing
  • Supplied with emergency repair links, handy gloves, large-format manual and a sturdy storage bag
Omschrijving Carpoint Snow Chains KNS-120 9mm

In many countries you are obliged to use snow chains in wintery conditions. Roads where snow chains may be compulsory are indicated by a special road sign. The Carpoint KNS snow chains then provide the solution in these circumstances, so make sure you have them stored in an accessible place in the car! The Carpoint KNS snow chain is made of 9mm hardened steel grip links and is suitable for (light) passenger cars. It also fits cars with little space in the wheel arch. Additionally, due to the special cross track, this chain improves grip on the road surface in winter weather conditions.

Always mount the snow chains on the driven wheels, for four-wheel drive cars we recommend mounting the snow chain on the front wheels to get the most grip. The Carpoint snow chain is easy to fit without moving the car. With the semi-automatic autolock tensioner you always tighten the chain correctly in one go. Check the chain after the first few metres and tighten if necessary. Whether this chain is suitable for your car depends on the make, type, model, manufacture year and tyre size of the car. Before using snow chains, always read the instructions in the car's instruction booklet and consult the Carpoint application list to know which chain fits your tyre size.

The Carpoint KNS snow chain comes in a set of two, including a set of emergency repair links, black sturdy work gloves and clear assembly and disassembly instructions. All this in a handy, sturdy zipped storage bag.

Tyre sizes:

16" 17" 18" 19"
215/65 215/60 215/55 225/40
225/60 225/55 235/45 235/40
  235/50 245/40 245/35
  245/45 255/35 255/30


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