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By using separate catalogues, we offer a clear overview of our product range. This means that there is a catalogue for car accessories, bicycle accessories and for maintenance products. In addition, we have a technical catalogue that is aimed primarily at the professional segment.  

In our catalogue you will find the products of our own brands, Carpoint and Dyto, but you will also find brands like Philips, Narva, Absaar, Automaxi and Dyna. In our maintenance catalogue you will also find some well known brands: Absodan, Auto spares, Bar's, Belgom, Bison, Brunox, Commandant, Holts, HPX, INEOS, K-FLON, Kroon Oil, Lecwec, Loctite, Mer, Motip, No Touch, Noverox, Oké-Wax, P3, Pressol, Procar, Protecton, Rain-X, Restore, Simoniz, Slick50, Sonax, Turtle Wax, Valma, Valvoline, Versachem, WD-40 and Wynn's.